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Reno Debris
Reno Debris

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If you have got some old electronic devices such as computers, printers, televisions, etc. that need to be disposed of, call the Napanee e-waste removal professionals at JUSTJUNK® We specialize in electronic waste removal and we do it with an environmentally-friendly approach.


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Our electronic collection staff would be happy to help you remove any clutter that you might have taking up valuable space in your home or business. 



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How it Works


Our uniformed e-waste disposal Napanee crew will make e-waste removal quick and easy through our fully licensed and insured service. It doesn’t matter what size your load is, our team of Napanee e-waste removal staff will do the loading, the hauling and the disposal of everything you want to get rid of.


E-Waste Removal Napanee


 All of our e-waste services are priced based on the amount of space that your materials take up in our truck, so we will be glad to provide you with a free estimate in advance so that there will be no surprises.


Green Initiatives

Napanee E-Waste recycling


E-recycling is an intricate part of our commitment to ease the strain on our environment. We are driven by our e-waste recycling Napanee mandate to divert as much of each load as we can from going to local landfills. We do this by donating re-useable materials to local charities so that they can recycle them through the good works that they provide to the community. At times, we can see up to 60% of a load saved from going to the landfill!


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Our E-Recycling Services Include:


Television disposal

Photocopier removal
Computer equipment recycling
Electronic equipment recycling

Copier removal
Server removal
LCD removal
Projection TV removal
Plasma TV removal
Keyboard recycling

HDTV removal
Flatscreen disposal
Monitor recycling
Computer recycling
Scanner recycling

CRT recycling

TV recycling

Printer recycling
Laptop disposal
Scrap electronics disposal
...and More!


Electronics Disposal Napanee


Other Napanee Services Include

Junk Removal

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