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Furniture Removal Welland

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Reno Debris

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Furniture Removal Welland


If you have old or unwanted furniture - tables, beds, desks, chairs, mattresses - lying around your home or office, then you have come to the right place.  JUSTJUNK®'s furniture removal Welland team will come to your home or office and do all of the lifting required to get your furniture out your door and onto our truck. 

  • We recycle and donate!
  • We do all the heavy lifting and loading!
  • We can take anything from anywhere!
  • Free on-site quotes!


Features of our service include a guaranteed two-hour arrival window, a free, no-obligation estimate, and up-front rates that include all disposal fees.  Bin and dumpster rental services cannot compete with our all-inclusive pricing system! 


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How Our Services Work:


Create more space in your home or business by having JUSTJUNK® remove your unwanted items. Simply point to what you want to have removed and our uniformed staff will do all the lifting and loading for you, no matter where the items are in your home! You just have to sit back and wave goodbye!


Welland Furniture Removal


Our removals always begin with a free on-site quote in accordance to our volume based pricing structure. If you're happy with the price our team gives you, they can begin removal right on the spot! We'll even sweep up after we're done!


Our Green Promise


When you book with JUSTJUNK®, you can be sure that your furniture and other junk is disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly fashion possible.  Our furniture removal Welland team sorts through every truckload, recycling around 60% of the materials we pick up. Additionally, many items that are still in good condition are given new life when our furniture removal Welland experts donate them to our charitable partners, which include The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and Goodwill.


Junk Removal


Other Welland Services:

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Booking has never been easier than with Welland furniture removal! You can either book online and save $10 when you book in an orange appointment time slot, or you can call us directly to speak with a friendly service rep at 905.646.5865!



Our Furniture Removers Can Provide:

Furniture Hauling
Furniture Recycling
Bed Removal
Furniture Cleanouts
Piano Removal
Mattress Removal
Couch Removal
TV or Televison Removal
Furniture Donation
Furniture Pickup
Old Furniture Removal Service
Furniture Removals
Cheap and Eco Friendly Furniture Disposal
Furniture Collection
Furniture Clearance
Donate Furniture
Pullout Couch Removal
Sofa Removal
Furniture Haulers
Furniture Services
Pool Table Removal
Furniture Cleanout
Private Furniture Removal
Furniture Recycle Services
Furniture Disposal
Furniture Pick Up
Furniture Removers
Love Seat Removal
...we can remove any type of furniture!



Furniture Removal Welland


What We Can Remove:

Rubbish and Furniture
Curbside Furniture
Furniture Waste

Large Furniture
Office Furniture
Household Furniture

Furniture Junk

Bulk Furniture
Refuse and Old Furniture

Residential Furniture

Home Furniture
Old Used Furniture
Furniture and Rubbish
Furniture and Trash

...and more!


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