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JUSTJUNK® Hoarding Services

Cornered by clutter, hoarding symptoms make it impossible to get comfortable within one's home. Family members may be uncertain of how to approach a hoarding situation, and treatment methods may appear far out of reach.


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At JUSTJUNK® Fort Saskatchewan, our hoarding professionals are fully trained to provide hoarding help in Fort Saskatchewan by carrying out all the lifting, loading and disposal necessary to declutter your home!  


To speak to our friendly representatives call us at 780.409.0444!


Our Hoarding Services Include:

With JUSTJUNK®, locating effective hoarding treatment in Fort Saskatchewan is no longer a reason to delay the hoarding self help process. You simply need to point in the direction of your clutter, and our Fort Saskatchewan hoarding professionals can provide a free estimate - at no-obligation! Using a volume-based scale, our prices are calculated solely by the amount of space your items occupy in our truck to offer the lowest removal rate guaranteed.  


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After confirming your final quote, the Fort Saskatchewan hoarding clean up team is ready to head straight to work. Have a seat and seek the consolation of your family and loved ones while our fully insured service professionals rid your home of signs of hoarding. At no additional charge, our all-inclusive service includes all of the lifting, loading and disposal of any clutter from anywhere in your home.


Donating Your Items is Important to us!

At JUSTJUNK®, we understand that during the course of the decluttering process, many items we remove possess an incredible amount of sentimental value. As a result, our Fort Saskatchewan hoarding clean up team strives to adopt eco-friendly disposal methods to keep as much as 60% of your cherished items out of the landfill.  Coordinating our efforts with local charities and landfills, our service professionals remain empathetic in their disposal. 


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Hoarding Services Include:

House cleanout
Junk cleanouts
Help for hoarders
Junk decluttering

Basement cleanout
Apartment clean out
Backyard removal
Junk cleanouts
Hoarding help

Hoarder help
Junk clearance
Hoarding treatment
Garage cleanouts
Basement clutter removal
Hoarder and hoarding cleanup

Hoarding services
Professional organizer

...and more!


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Other Services We Offer:

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Upon recognizing the tell tale signs of hoarding, do not hesitate to schedule your free estimate with JUSTJUNK®. Our service professionals offer same or next day service to declutter your home as early as today. Book online and save $10!


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For more details on hoarding help in Fort Saskatchewan contact one of our service representatives at 780-409-0444! Give JUSTJUNK® a call today!


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